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Central Air Conditioners in Edmonton, AB

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  • Welcome to our central air conditioning hub in Edmonton, AB! Our technicians install, maintain, repair, and replace central air conditioners and inverter AC units on a regular basis. Why not call the experts at WeatherMakers Heating, Cooling & Plumbing and schedule your first appointment today?
  • A money-back guarantee
  • Established in 1955
  • Trusted with an A+ rating from the BBB

Did we mention that we also offer 24/7 Emergency services—snow, rain, or shine? For many customers in the neighborhood, it’s clear why they choose us every single time for their central AC work.

Contact WeatherMakers Heating, Cooling & Plumbing today for record fast services and results that make you smile. Ensuring Your Comfort… For Life!


Central AC Installation

Before we can get started on central AC installation, we need to figure out what type of unit you’d like. Here are the main two we provide:

  • Standard central air conditioners. These are the gold standard of cooling technology. They’re efficient, practical, and work perfectly fine for the majority of homes.
  • Inverter air conditioners. Inverter air conditioners run more efficiently and effectively due to having an inverter. This allows them to run at multiple power levels to reach your demand more effectively.

Call our Edmonton, AB hotline to get started.

Central AC Replacement

Your central air conditioner can only realistically last 10–15 years before it starts hitting bumps in the road. At that point, repairs stop being cost-effective and you’ll likely experience many headaches to come. Schedule a central AC replacement so we can help you deal with this problem in the best way for your budget.

Central AC Repair

Central AC repair can be tricky and often requires a lot of time to diagnose correctly. Under no circumstances should you risk your system’s warranty or your sanity by trying to fix a problem on your own. Instead, rely on our team for repairs and yearly central AC maintenance.

Serving Edmonton, AB and Surrounding Areas