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Gas Piping in Edmonton, AB

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Natural gas is more plentiful and available today than it ever has been. With the advent of gas stoves, gas furnaces, and gas fireplaces, your home could be a haven of warmth and comfort as long as you work with the licensed gas professionals at WeatherMakers Heating, Cooling & Plumbing in Edmonton, AB.

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We’re proud to be licensed and certified to safely perform gas piping services throughout the Edmonton area. From flexible gas lines to standard natural gas piping, you can trust us for excellent results.

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Gas Piping Installation

Gas pipes come in all shapes and sizes depending on what your home needs. We can follow standard procedures and ensure you get the right type of gas piping installation for your situation. Remember, DIY natural gas piping can be both dangerous and illegal, so it’s better to schedule this work with a trained professional.

Gas Piping Replacement

Gas piping replacements can be an exciting opportunity to use technological advancements that weren’t available 20 years ago. Perhaps your old steel gas lines could be replaced with flexible gas lines that open up a new section of your Edmonton, AB home for decorations, plants, and even additional appliances.

Gas Piping Repair

Nothing on this page is more important than prompt gas piping repair when it’s necessary. Avoid a gas leak by first scheduling gas leak detection, then allowing us to patch or fix the problem with whatever steps are necessary. We can even provide gas piping maintenance if you’re unsure of the problem or whether there even is one.

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