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Gas Leak Detection in Edmonton, AB

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The concept of a gas leak is terrifying. Nobody wants their home to be endangered, let alone at risk of explosion or fire. The safety of you and your family should always be a top priority no matter what. WeatherMakers Heating, Cooling & Plumbing in Edmonton, AB will help to keep you safe at as low a cost as possible.

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We don’t want our customers wondering whether they can afford a service as crucial as this. If you smell gas, give our team a call and we’ll sort out all the financial aspects of it once you’re safe and secure. That’s our promise to you.

Schedule a gas leak detection with WeatherMakers Heating, Cooling & Plumbing if you or your loved ones are experiencing the signs of a gas leak. Ensuring Your Comfort… For Life!


The Signs of a Gas Leak

Natural gas is odorless when it’s drilled from underground, but a chemical is usually added to it during the refining process called mercaptan. Mercaptan is where that "rotten egg" smell comes from, and it’s infused with the gas to allow homeowners to more easily detect it when it’s leaking from appliances or broken gas lines. If you detect this smell, or you feel lightheaded in your home on a regular basis, then call our team for gas leak detection in Edmonton, AB.

The Dangers of Leaking Gas

Some of the more obvious dangers of gas leaks include fires and explosions, but that’s not all you should be worried about. Leaking gas can sometimes come with other fumes, like carbon monoxide, which are deadly and much harder to detect. Also, gas can cause headaches and other issues when inhaled by unknowing people, so be sure to get this checked out when you first detect the signs.

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