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24-Hour Emergency Service Available


24-Hour Emergency Service Available

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WeatherMakers Heating, Cooling & Plumbing Blog

Edmonton’s Best HVAC and Plumbing Contractor for Over 55 Years

WeatherMakers is the only home services company in Edmonton to have been honoured by receiving the prestigious BBB “55-Years of Trust” award. We know our business, and we know what it takes to earn a job well done. That’s why we work so hard to be the best plumbing and HVAC services company in the Greater Edmonton area.

We Won’t Leave You Cold

“Comfort” goes beyond heating or cooling a room. Comfort is your total surroundings — air purity, water purity, your trust in the systems in your home, your trust in the people who install and maintain them.

We’ve always believed that if a heating, air conditioning and plumbing company does what it promises and works to EXCEED your expectations, your “comfort level” will warm considerably!

Duke-ing It Out So You Win

While it’s not unusual to find married couples running a business, a husband and wife managing an HVAC/Plumbing company is something very special.

Ian and Anna Duke play to their strengths at Weathermakers: Ian focuses on the equipment and ensuring the technicians and tradespeople are well-trained on the latest equipment, technology, processes and customer-service practices. Anna maintains Weathermakers’ high standard of service, ensuring WeatherMakers staff are as efficient, convenient, and meticulous as you hope they would be. It’s the one-two punch that works in your favour.

WeatherMakers’ Most Valuable Asset

At WeatherMakers, we realize that if we expect our employees to treat our customers right, WeatherMakers must first treat its staff right. That care and respect must already be demonstrated throughout our company’s culture. For that reason, we’re committed to treating one another fairly and valuing diversity. We’re committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions, and an atmosphere of open communication. We believe in building a culture of inspiration and innovation — where personal and professional development is encouraged and diversity is celebrated.

WeatherMakers’ workplace culture is where our success begins and your satisfaction is assured. We aim to achieve 100% satisfaction. If we don’t, call us on it, and we’ll do all we can to make it right!

Why WeatherMakers? We have the answer.

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