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24-Hour Emergency Service Available


24-Hour Emergency Service Available

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What Makes WeatherMakers Different?

We encourage prospective customers to shop around and get a sense of what companies are offering and how well they are reviewed. We believe this background work matches the right customer with the right company. We’re proud of our 60-year history, our reputation, and our staff. We don’t cut corners, and it shows in the results we earn.

Sometimes we’re asked, “Why are you more expensive than my friend / this small shop / that franchise company?” Well, because we don’t take shortcuts, we pay our staff competitively, and we take care to use quality parts, equipment, tools, and the best practices in our field.

Our experienced technicians take part in weekly training sessions on our products and our processes. They also attend frequent manufacturer training sessions, which make them expert at how to inspect and install equipment. Investing in the training and well-being of our employees is important to us, and it’s one of the things that make WeatherMakers different.

We also follow all laws and regulations when we complete repairs or replacements. The companies that can do, say, a complete A/C install in three hours, do not. They could be releasing damaging refrigerant into the atmosphere, omitting the use of a TX Valve, not properly pressurizing your system and, more than likely, not even setting up your system correctly. They may be cheaper now, but in the long run, they will cost you time and money.

WeatherMakers wants to make sure we fix or install it right the first time so you are happy and comfortable for the long run. We are part of the Better Business Bureau’s “55 Years of Trust Club,” having demonstrated over 55 years of trustworthiness in business and contributed to a reliable and ethical marketplace.

Do we sound like a company you’d like to work with and have install the most important systems in your home? We hope so, and we hope you’ll reach out.
You can learn more about us here.
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