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24-Hour Emergency Service Available

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What Does a Furnace Tune-up Include

Why Do I Need a Furnace Tune-Up and Inspection?

Aside from the art on your walls or the cars in your garage, your HVAC system is likely the most expensive equipment you have in your home. Unlike the art and just like your car, your furnace needs a tune-up and look-over every year. 

There are three good reasons to book an annual furnace check.

  1. Some furnace manufacturers will not honour their warranties unless you show them you have had annual maintenance work done on your furnace.
  2. You can see problems before they become emergencies. Wires snap, igniters burn out, sensors soot up, elements crack and fan motors die. These small parts make up the heart of your furnace, and they all have life expectancies and often give warning signs when they are about to wear out. 
  3. Certified furnace technicians have high-tech testing tools to ensure your mechanical equipment is working safely and efficiently. Carbon monoxide is deadly and extremely difficult to detect as it’s colourless and odourless, so properly calibrated equipment can help discover any potentially dangerous issues with your furnace’s venting. 

“I know it’s a hassle to book an annual furnace check, and we try to make it as painless as possible,” says Ian Duke, owner and operator of WeatherMakers for over 25 years. “But this is the one chore I really want to see all homeowners check off their To-Do list every year. It can save a life, save you from a very inconvenient furnace fail, and keep your system operating at peak efficiency.”

What Can I Do in Preparation for a Furnace Tune-up?

Step 1: Book an appointment with us at your convenience. We’ll send a certified technician in a fully-stocked truck, and he or she will arrive on time and leave your home as clean as they found it.

Step 2: Clear any clutter leading to the furnace or around the furnace. 

Step 3: If you prefer to use a specific brand or type of filter, have one handy, and our technician will install it before leaving.

Step 4: Have a list of issues, if any, that you’ve noticed or wondered about with your furnace. 

What Do the Technicians Do?

“We have three levels of furnace service,” Duke shares. “The first is 24/7 emergency repair–that’s when the unit makes an unbearable sound or conks out completely. We’ll be there in a jiffy to assess the issue. The second is an inspection, and at WeatherMakers, that’s a 26-point inspection that checks your furnace from top to bottom. It looks at safety and unit integrity. The third is a tune-up, which is an in-depth 56-point check that starts with your furnace and extends to your ductwork and flue pipe. If you pass that, everything is in tip-top shape.”

What if More Repairs Are Needed?

If large furnace repairs or even a furnace replacement is necessary, WeatherMakers will discuss the situation with you, prepare an up-front estimate, and work to get you up and running as quickly as possible. 

“Nobody wants to face a large repair, but if you do, you want to be facing it with us and our expert technicians,” says Duke. Read more about furnace replacements.

Learn more about our furnace tune-ups and inspections.

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