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Our Deep Ductless Guide for Homeowners

Ductless systems–you’ve seen them, heard about them, and your search history is probably full of links about them. These nifty pieces of equipment are cool enough to get any homeowner’s ears to perk up when they’re mentioned, but are they worth the hefty price tag?

The short answer is yes, ductless systems are just as good as they sound. But in order to understand why a ductless heat pump in Edmonton, AB is a sensible purchase, we need to talk about how they work and some of their advantages. They’re not the cheapest systems on the market, but they’re well worth their price and can transform a home into a 21st-century sanctuary if installed by a licensed professional.

Keep reading to learn about why your next large purchase should be a ductless heat pump.

The Major Difference With Going Ductless

Ductless systems function like any other heat pump with one major design difference. Instead of the system relying on your internal home ductwork to spread air conditioning or heat, the treated air comes directly from up to four mounted air handlers that connect to the outside cabinet.

There’s no central component to a ductless mini split system, only an outdoor cabinet and up to four air handlers to treat all of the air in your home. This is actually a good thing for a number of different reasons we’ll get into below.

Unique Advantages of a Ductless System

Thanks to their special design, ductless systems have a number of unique advantages.

  • No leaks in air ducts. Since ductless mini splits don’t rely on a network of air ducts, you never have to worry about leaking conditioned air from those areas. This means they have a much higher rate of efficiency and run in fewer cycles, saving you money on your electricity bill every month.
  • Strategic placement. Ductless mini splits can be placed anywhere your home needs heating or air conditioning. They can be in a garage, a finished basement, an attic, and even in a shed if installed by a licensed professional. These strategic setups can help mitigate cold or hot spots so your whole house can stay at the exact right temperature.
  • Customized comfort. Do your kids like their rooms a bit cooler than you like your own room? Mini splits can be set to their own temperature threshold, meaning an end to all the fights over the thermostat.
  • Year-round solution. Did we mention that ductless mini splits are heat pumps? This means they can both heat and cool your home throughout the entire year. Replace both your heating and cooling systems with one nifty piece of equipment.

Should You Go Ductless?

If you’re able to, then we’d advise most of our customers to think about investing in ductless heat pumps. But they’re not for everyone.

Ductless systems run more expensive to install than conventional heat pumps. And with customers who already have furnaces or central AC units in good shape, a ductless heat pump might be a bit redundant. Work with a team of licensed professionals to figure out if a ductless system is a good fit.

Trust the experts at WeatherMakers Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for your next ductless installation. Ensuring Your Comfort… For Life!

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