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24-Hour Emergency Service Available

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Join the Comfort Club: The Unique Benefits of Springtime Maintenance

If we were to ask you what you thought about maintenance, what would you say? Here are a few familiar responses we’ve seen:

I can just do my own maintenance. I don’t need to belong to a club.

Isn’t maintenance optional? It seems like an extra thing that we just don’t need.

Maintenance is only for certain HVAC systems. My air conditioner doesn’t need it.

These are all common reasons for people to skip out on maintenance, and while we understand the various sentiments, the data proves something else. AC maintenance in Edmonton, AB is a vital service that is not as optional as people think, and we’d like to cover some of the best benefits that come from investing in such a service.

The Benefits of Being a Member

Joining our Comfort Club comes with a lot of unique perks and advantages, but the most important thing it gets you is maintenance. Maintenance is a yearly service where one of our licensed technicians comes to your home and updates, inspects, and adjusts your system to make sure it’s working properly. Here are some of the major advantages you can hope to get

  • Improved efficiency over time. A well-maintained air conditioner is going to run with optimal efficiency. This means less energy is spent month after month and the system doesn’t cost too much over the length of its lifespan. On average, an air conditioner can expect to lose 5% of its efficiency cumulatively each year without maintenance, so this yearly appointment can be a big deal!
  • System longevity. An air conditioner that has received maintenance over time is much more likely to last its full lifespan than a system that’s been neglected. You can hope to achieve a 10-15 year AC lifespan with maintenance, whereas an unmaintained system might need an early replacement.
  • Inspections, tips, adjustments, and more. Maintenance itself can be a huge boon for your comfort. A technician adjusts your system, cleans it, and inspects it for any damage, giving you the green light for the next season. Feel free to ask us questions or tell us about your concerns during a maintenance visit.
  • Retaining a system warranty. If your air conditioner is protected with a warranty, maintenance is usually a requirement in the fine print. No, maintenance can’t be done by anyone other than a licensed professional, and DIY maintenance risks voiding this warranty and damaging the interior components as well.

Benefits, Promotions, Advantages, and More

Even if the maintenance visit itself wasn’t enticing enough, joining our club comes with a whole host of benefits like the following:

  • Emergency services and priority scheduling for club members
  • 20% discounts on repairs
  • Free thermostat battery replacement
  • Comfort Cash towards a new system replacement.
  • A powerful 1-year warranty on repairs.

The truth is that for such a low cost, there are a ton of benefits you get with maintenance. It’s not just a small optional service like certain people might have you believe. It’s a powerful service that seeks to give you the most for your money.

Schedule your first maintenance appointment with WeatherMakers Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. Ensuring Your Comfort… for Life!

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