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How a Humidifier and Heating System Can Work Together

There’s a misconception going around that your heating system is the only thing that can help keep your home comfortable when temperatures suddenly drop. While this might sound like it’s true, there’s another system out there that can do an impressive job of keeping your home comfortable, healthy, and happy.

With such an unpredictable spring, we’re still expecting some frigid days ahead, so you’ll want to make sure your heating system is doing the best job it can. And that’s why we’d like to talk about how you can make a difference by coupling your furnace with a humidifier in Edmonton, AB.

That’s right! Humidifiers aren’t just for sleeping better and staying safe when an illness is going around. They’re actually incredibly good at easing the burden on your heating unit and allowing your home to stay more comfortable for longer. Let’s get into it down below.

What’s the Problem?

When winter arrives, it carries with it cold and dry air. This is in stark contrast to the hot and humid air we get during the summer. Cold air is so dry that it can sometimes cause your skin to crack, your nose to dry up, and even give you issues with constant static shocks.

But there’s a solution in the midst of all these problems. We’re talking about the humidifier!

A humidifier is a simple system. It takes a tank of water and turns it into water vapor, adding humidity in your air. This humidity keeps your body healthy and your home feeling more comfortable. But it has a hidden benefit as well, which isn’t mentioned very often.

A Powerful Combination

When a whole house humidifier is paired with a heating system like a furnace, you can get excellent temperature control. This is because humidity actually helps to hold heat in your air, allowing you to feel comfortable even when the temperature is the same as it would be without a humidifier.

Air that’s more humid is warmer for longer and gives your home a cozier feeling than air that’s dry. This is a major reason why we recommend customers invest in a humidifier.

Think about it this way–a humidifier will ease the burden on your furnace because it won’t have to run as many cycles in a day due to the humidity holding heat for longer. The efficiency difference might not be huge, but it’s noticeable on your bills.

Additional Benefits of a Humidifier

Humidifiers also come with a wide array of benefits, like better skin, better protection against illnesses, and more comfort. Humidity can also keep your antique furniture and old family heirlooms from cracking and breaking due to the dry, unforgiving air.

Humidifiers are some of the most popular systems that people purchase in our area, and they help make life comfortable in such a cold climate!

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